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Our Process | TL Jackson

At TL Jackson, Pre-Planning Begins with your Dreams

TLJackson-Slyvy-2 (Custom)Building a new custom home begins with dreams. TL Jackson will do everything within our power to make your dream come true within your time frame and budget. The process may seem overwhelming at first, but TL Jackson will help you find the answers to all of your questions.

Building your custom home begins with building a relationship with you and understanding your lifestyle needs.

TL Jackson’s in-house design and engineering team will work with you to develop a building plan that suits your property, lifestyle, and budget. We can work from your design sketches and photos, modify an existing plan, or visit other properties with you to learn more about your ideas and needs. We are also comfortable working with your own architectural designer or custom consultants.

As a custom builder, we won’t hesitate to advise you if an idea poses a unique or difficult challenge, and we’ll work with you to find the best solutions. Decisions will be made based on your preferences, not ours.

Whether choosing from our full range of resources or incorporating materials of your own, such as family heirlooms or purchases from other vendors and suppliers, TL Jackson partners with you to accommodate your needs.


demo1 (Custom)Many times when building a new home we have to demolish an existing structure. To some it seems pointless to tear down a standing structure to rebuild a new one – why not remodel? There are a variety of reasons why we would chose to demolish, especially around a lake. Just a few of those reasons might be:

• Moisture problems for decades in the crawl space have taken their toll on the foundation.
• The cost of remodeling is many times more expensive than demolition rebuilding.
• Desired placement of the new structure on the site is different that where the existing structure is located.
• The layout of the old structure does not meet the requirements for owners

When TL Jackson does demolish a home…
…you can trust that we use equipment and methods that have the lowest impact on both the surrounding structures and the land upon which the structure was built. You can also trust that our employees and sub-contractors are professionals with many years of experience and a wealth of knowledge in commission of their job.