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Product Manufacturers
Contractors and consumers demand to research your sales literature.

Contractors & Consumers Demand to Research your Sales Literature
Placing your literature right where buyers already expect it to be, and naturally go to start any building project.
Distributors to mass promote their dealers and products to nation of buyers.

Distributors to Mass Promote their Dealers & Products to Nation of Buyers
Using your suppliers digital materials and voice, to better influence your buyers purchase decisions.
Local Dealers
Buyers demand instant product knowledge from local dealers and contractors.

Buyers Demand Instant Product Knowledge from Local Dealers & Contractors
To continually educate contractor and consumer buyers, on who you are and what you sell.
Product manufacturers are helping contractors advertise their business.

Product Manufacturers are Helping Contractors Advertise their Business
Gaining the industries best ad agencies, marketing teams & communication experts to grow your business.
National building suppliers are helping roofers market and advertise.

National building suppliers are helping roofers market and advertise
Making it easier to sell. Gives your buyers the ability to see & read building product literature anytime, on your website.
Products You’ll Love
The joy of finding products you'll love in the residential construction industry.

Using the Power of Sales Literature to Grow your Business – Software Solution
Access to the worlds best ad agencies, marketing teams, graphic designers and communication experts.

Our residential construction industry is working to share its product literature across the channel.

Because people can’t buy products they don’t know to exist, or know nothing about.

Let’s not give buyers a reason to shop the big boxes,
… out of the frustration of not knowing who you are or what you sell.

Instead, give contractors a Product Platform customized in their own name, logo and colors
… so that they’d be proud to carry it with them 24/7,
… using as a great reference guide, and showing off your explainer videos out on jobsites or sales calls.

Bonus: Because consumer buyers already have the existing and natural habit of researching contractors prior to starting any homebuilding or remodeling project, they’ll now get to see you and your products too.

Building Profit

It’s not just a slogan, it’s what we do for you and the residential construction industry!

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Let’s use your sales literature
to close on more leads & sign more jobs
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