Building Product Distributor

Helping Building
Product Distributors
Promote their Dealers
& Products, at Scale,
to a Nation of Buyers

Using your suppliers digital materials, to aid contractor & consumer buyers, and to influence their purchase decisions _ Building Profit

The Product Platform is a new sales tool that allows distributors to place their digital sales literature, automatically upon the Product Websites of their local dealers and residential contractors.
Simply the best auto-created, auto-maintained, industry-specific, web content available.

In a controlled, nationwide Platform environment

We Share your Suppliers Digital Sales Literature, with those Who Sell & Install your Building Products …

For building product distributors, your focus shifts from the challenges of educating contractors on how to properly speak product knowledge, to that of ensuring your suppliers marketing teams and communication experts do it for them.

1. Keeps Contractors & Dealers Continually Aware and Educated on All the Products you Sell, Across the Board

• You gain an army of contractors out displaying and promoting your products. Not only your guys, but your competitors, big-box guys, and all other trade types.

• Keeps dealers & contractors continually informed & educated on your product benefits, features, specs, color options, sizes available, warranties, pdf catalogs, installation guides, credit apps, product and explainer videos, etc.

• It gets your dealers and contractors all carrying your sales literature 24/7 in their back-pockets, upon every smartphone, iPad and tablet … with no software to learn.

• It’s the best reference guide for sales reps and tradesmen out on jobsites and sales calls, alowing you to maintain a consistent sales message.

• Dealers & Contractors are proud to showoff your literature because it displays on their own personalized Building Product Platform, branded in their own name.

• Your giving your channel the best industry specific web content available, to make selling a little easier.

2. Gives you an Easier Way to Communicate and Control your Products’ Sales Messaging to Buyers, Across the Nation

• You’ll leverage the existing habits of consumers, as 96% of ALL buyers will research a contractors website prior to calling tradesmen … your products need to be there.

• Sharing literature, automatically puts you into every sales conversation between contractors & buyers, throughout America.

• It gives you a voice to properly educate & influence purchase decisions, without consumers needing an appointment, just to get a snippet of the same information.

• It allows your suppliers’ ad agencies, marketing teams & communication experts to thoroughly speak product knowledge on your behalf, without interference or bias.

• You get to better control your growth, by providing the tools for your dealers and contractors to sell more.

• To cut costs and hassles with printed materials, allowing suppliers to update/edit messaging, at scale.

• Prevents buyers from shopping the big-boxes, frustrated from not knowing what your dealers sell, and where.

3. Allows you To Leverage the Marketing Budgets, Methods and Reach of Dealers & Contractors to Promote your Products

• You’ll piggy-back on your dealers and contractors, to control & stretch everyone’s marketing dollars.

• That means whatever advertising they already do to pull leads into their websites (newspapers, phone books, direct mail, social media, etc.) … their websites will now also display information about you, your products, and your dealer locations.

• Giving buyers your sales literature when they want it, at the exact moment their reaching out to build, is key to educating buyers about your products.

We don’t need another social media channel, Houzz, Angie’s-List or Facebook … where you’re spending money trying to get people to use them.

• Instead, the Building Product Platform works quietly in the background, placing you and your products right where buyers already go and expect you to be.

• Dealers & contractors can let the Product Platform website replace any existing site, or simply complement it.

It’s the Sales Literature Buyers Demand to See
Leveraging the marketing budgets, methods and reach of every contractor across the nation, and controlling the message.

Given the choice …
most of us would not hire contractors as our top-tiered sales people to represent us or our products. Sure they know enough about products to make a sale. But there focus is in selling an install (regardless of product). The finer points of the products escape them. After all, they neither the time or desire to sell products, grow your company or advance your causes, when they have their own family businesses to run.

Therein lies the problem. Contractors aren’t the most verbal articulate people, skilled in sales and closing skills. In fact, the only reason we continue using them, training them, and hounding them to sell more (for the sake of the entire channel), is because they have one great asset. They have the ability to place themselves in front of our shared-client.

The Product Platform was created to aid our contractors. Perhaps too, as a little end-around to put your suppliers (the most product knowledgeable people on the planet), their ad agencies, marketing teams and communication experts into the conversations to inform, educate and influence our buyers, at scale. In this, you, your suppliers, and THEIR sales teams can better control the sales process.

We aim to help you. We don’t sell products, we’re not an e-commerce site, SEO or lead-gen company. We simply provide the means to make selling building products easier. Like the Yellow Pages, we show no favorites. Nobody can hire us to do anything that we wouldn’t do for the entire Network as a whole.

With just a smartphone, building product distributors can keep their buyers armed with the latest building product literature.Times have changed. Buyers demand to know everything about you in a ‘google-second’. Our industry needs one central reference guide that both contractors and consumers can turn to. Remember, before people can buy our products, they first need to be educated and sold on them. Let talk.

Our Platform simply delivers your sales literature,
exactly where buyers already naturally look, and expect it to be.

We compile and promote our industries product literature
within one great pocket reference guide.