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Here’s a little more information on how
your Building Product Platform works

We place your digital sales literature on our Controlled Building Product Platform. That means several things:
• Your Suppliers digital materials never leave our platform. We simply provide each Dealer or Contractor with a their own branded platform channel … a subset of our entire Platform Network. All content must be relevant to our residential construction industry.
• This helps protect everyone’s copyrights, trademarks, trade names, content and images.
• Nobody, including Dealers and Contractors, can post directly to the Platform. This means we control content to ensure the safeguards that nobody can post any unprofessional or ill-words. Additionally, the Platform does not include big-boxes (Home Depot, Lowe’s, Menards). Plus, no Dealer can advertise ‘installation’ as it would be considered competing advertising against Contractors.
• Because we control all content within the Platform Network, that means your Suppliers can add, edit or delete any content across the entire Network in real-time, per our schedule. This way, buyers are always looking at your most current marketing materials.
• A Dealers Platform displays only their Suppliers products sales literature.
• A Contractors Platform displays the sales literature of the entire industry. This has several benefits:

FOR MANUFACTURERS, DISTRIBUTORS & DEALERS: The primary benefit is to have all other residential tradesmen carrying around your products sales literature 24/7. Not only would each Manufacturer, Distributor and Dealer benefit from exponentially raising product awareness with guys who may not normally purchase from them, but all of their consumer buyers will also see you and your products. Less we forget, a homeowner who needs a furnace serviced this winter, may also be planning a spring re-roof or major addition project. Additionally, even as big as the largest Dealers are regarding the number of locations they have, there still are far more guys buying from competitors and big-boxes of which they can target/promote to using the Platform.

FOR CONTRACTORS: As most contracting companies (i.e. home builders, remodelers, general contractors, and specialty trades) provide multiple services to their clients, they and their customers expect to see building products from many different categories to appear more credible and aligned with the industry. They further need the pocket resource to know how other trade products interact and install around them. Contractors can however, specify specific products and/or Dealers as their ‘preferred’ by using Product Portfolio’s.

WHAT WE NEED FROM YOU – the Distributor
You’ll need to provide us a completed Excel spreadsheet where we can obtain the following information:
Company ID: General information, name, address, marketing contact person, web/blog URL address, etc.
Product ID: List of your primary building products wanting displayed on the Building Product Platform.
Supplier ID: List of your product Suppliers and reps, so we may contact them to receive their digital sales materials on your behalf. Your products ‘consumer-focused’ product Ads, cut sheets, benefits, features, specs, color options, sizes available, warranties, PDF catalogs, installation instructions, credit apps, product videos, explainer videos, ‘more product info’ URL per product, etc.; Company logo, tagline & colors.
Dealer ID: Contact information of where your products are sold per EACH geographic location in the USA, Canada & Mexico; each web/blog URL address, social media channels, sales reps photos/mobile phones, hours, logo, Dealer showroom photos, page content info (home, about us), etc.; Plus the below Contractor ID.
Contractor ID: List of Contractors in each Dealer service locations (their Contractors, their competitors Contractors, other trade types, building association lists, etc.; where we expect 10+ Contractors per location. We will reach out on your behalf to offer the Product Platform.

Manufacturer — Ad Specs —
• Product Ad size equivalent to vertical 2-page tall magazine style.
• 900 pixel wide by ~2000 pixel high.
• All artwork may incur a potential one-time $200 conversion fee to convert it to HTML & CSS [slice].
• Content formats (.psd photoshop, .png, jpg, pdf file formats).
• Can include PDF documents (company catalog, credit app, building association logos, sales training opportunities, lunch & learn calendar, rewards programs, ‘habitat for humanity photo’s, etc.)

• Your content or artwork delivered via email (zipped to Building Profit) or Dropbox.
• Including necessary fonts where applicable.

• PRODUCT ADS: Page Ads are placed within 1 of 25 product categories & ~237 sub-categories.
• Ads can speak to one or many products; but all must fit into one sub-category (i.e. both CertainTeed Monogram and Mainstreet vinyl siding can be placed either on either one page, or two.
• PRODUCT TAGS: green, ADA-handicap accessible, energy saving, smart home, Made in the U.S.A., etc.
• An ‘About the Manufacturer’ BIO section after each displayed ad,
• A URL link back to Suppliers/manufacturers website, for more information on that particular product.
• The Manufacturers social media channels are displayed on product pages.

HOW DEALERS ARE DISPLAYED on a Contractors Building Product Platform
• On any Product Page, the local Dealers who sell that particular product are displayed using the following. Any Dealer that has a delivery area, matching that of the Contractors service area (within a 5-county radius); and who’s already been onboarded to the Platform Network.
• Dealers contact information (website, blog, bio, sales reps, phone numbers, counties served, location map, etc.).
• Link to their Product Platform site; and Dealers own website, blog, social channels.

• Your Product Ads display 24/7/365.
• Displays on all computer devices, laptop, tablet, smart phone enabled.
• Mobile friendly & responsive.
• Content auto updates product ads, Manufacturers, Dealers and Contractors; as onboarded.

• Your Products and company is displayed on Dealers AND Contractors Product Platform website’s throughout the Nation, as Dealers and Contractors are onboarded.
• Your building products and your company is viewed by consumer buyers anytime they view a Dealers or Contractors Product website.

• SEO: ‘no=rel’ pointer back to manufacturer original content.
• Disclaimer content copyright & trademark notice – atop of all Product Ads and pages.
• Building Profit customer support via email and phone, where suggestions and good conversations are always welcome.

• Litespeed U.S. Based Web Servers
• Solid State Drives
• Fast Page Loading Utilizing Php 7+
• Image File Compression
• Security Enabled
• SSL Certificates
• Page & Browser Cache

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