Facilitating the Sharing of Building Product Literature to Grow Sales
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1.4 Million Contractor’s
(and over 100,000 local Dealers)

Tom K, Founder
… need the leverage of brand name building products displayed on their websites’.
This gives manufacturers, distributors and dealers a voice to influence purchase decisions,
at the exact moment buyers are needing to select building materials.

The revenues of product manufacturers, distributors & suppliers
are tied to a contractors’ ability to communicate product benefits & features.

Building Profit: A Digital Media Platform Serving the Residential Construction Industry. Bringing manufacturers, suppliers and contractors together, to capture more sales from consumers ... at the exact moment a consumer look to purchase and install.

Building Profit Designed a New Sales Tool …

allowing building product suppliers to place their products’ digital sales literature, automatically upon the websites of local dealers & contractors.

Gives distributors, dealers and contractors the industries best product knowledge and web content to display to clients, increase product awareness, and drive more sales.

It’s the sales literature that tells buyers what these products are and why they should be chosen. To have contractors carrying them 24/7 in their pockets, proud to showoff to buyers.

It gets the suppliers own marketing departments & graphic designers from around the world, controlling and promoting their best sales message, without interference or bias, for you.

A pocket resource to aid presentations out on jobsites and sales calls. A digital strategy that puts the LBM industry into every sales conversation, to influence buyers.

When consumers search contractors, they can now view great building products and local building suppliers.

Consumers are already well-trained to find local contractors via referrals, yellow pages, direct mail & social media …
Leveraging this habit, now when these buyers get funneled into their local dealers & contractors websites’ …
they’ll also see great building products, to entice their homebuilding & remodeling excitement.

For more info …

Product Suppliers
Contractors and consumers demand to research your sales literature.

Placing your literature right where buyers already expect it to be, and naturally go to start any building project.
Distributors to mass promote their dealers and products to nation of buyers.

Using your suppliers digital materials and voice, to better influence your buyers purchase decisions.
Local Dealers
Buyers demand instant product knowledge from local dealers and contractors.

To continually educate contractor and consumer buyers, on who you are and what you sell.
Product manufacturers are helping contractors advertise their business.

Gaining the industries best ad agencies, marketing teams & communication experts to grow your business.

Better than ever, our industry is working together to capture more sales from its shared buyer.

Because people can’t buy products they don’t know to exist, or know nothing about.

Or can’t be properly articulated to them, by their favorite contractor.