Facilitating the Sharing of Building Product Literature to Grow Sales
Building Product Manufacturers • Distributors • Local Dealers • Residential Contractors

A software solution that compiles and places the digital sales materials of residential building products upon the websites of local dealers and contractors in the most cost effective and efficient manner.

Contractor and consumer-focused sales literature, benefits & features, color charts, sizing options, product & explainer videos, warranties, PDF catalogs, manufacturer & installation instruction links, and other digital material designed by manufacturers to educate and entice buyers.


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1.4 Million Contractor’s
(and over 100,000 local Dealers)

… need the leverage of brand name building products displayed on their websites’.
This gives manufacturers, distributors and dealers a voice to influence purchase decisions,
at the exact moment buyers are needing to select building materials.
Tom K, Founder

The revenues of the LBM channel, are often tied
to a contractors’ ability to properly communicate product knowledge.

The Joy of Finding
Building Products
You’ll Love

Residential Construction & LBM Industry:
Product sales literature automatically placed as web content upon the websites of local dealers & contractors.

Using the Power of Sales Literature
to Grow your Business
Software Solution

One Great Product – Two Ways Delivered

• As an ‘add-on‘ to an existing website
• As a ‘stand-alone‘ product site
Simple – Convenient – Automatic
No Software to Learn – Auto-Updates Itself
Maintenance Free – Hands-free

Access to the best ad agencies, marketing teams, graphic designers and communication experts from around the world, sharing their digital product knowledge and sales literature …
So professionals who sell and install residential products, can utilize the best marketing materials, explainer videos and product knowledge, to educate and entice buyers, reinforce product suggestions, close on more leads, and sell more jobs.

The most industry-specific, fully-automated, hands-free marketing solution.
Displaying the sales literature that people recognize, co-branded as their own web content … within a Controlled Platform Environment.
Our Platform keeps contractor and consumer buyers continually informed and educated on what building products are available, where they’re sold, and what makes them great.
Product Manufacturers need to keep contractor and consumer buyers continually informed and educated on all the products they sell, why they sell them, and where they sell them. The sharing of product literature in real-time, at scale, when and where buyers look, is revenue critical.
Product Distributors need their channel using a consistent marketing message, without interference or bias, to better articulate and influence purchase decisions, by using the voice of their manufacturers marketing & communication teams to control more sales conversations.
Local Dealers need to provide continual access to product specs, features, catalogs, and explainer videos, to properly support their contractors and to satisfy their buyers. Until now, there’s been no easy, automatic or cost effective way to promote entire lines to the communities they serve.
Residential Contractors need financial, marketing and sales support of the entire industry to close on more leads and sign more jobs. To automatically display the industries best web content, product literature and recognizable brand names as leverage, to educate and sell more jobs.

A New Sales Tool …

allowing product manufacturers to place their products’ digital sales literature, automatically upon the websites of local dealers & contractors … a nice ‘add-on’ to an existing website.

It gives distributors, dealers and contractors the industries best product knowledge and web content to display to clients, increase product awareness, and drive more sales.

It’s the sales literature that tells buyers what these products are and why they should be chosen. To have contractors carrying them 24/7 in their pockets, proud to showoff to buyers.

It gets the manufacturers own marketing departments & graphic designers from around the world, controlling and promoting their best sales message, without interference or bias.

A pocket resource to aid presentations out on jobsites and sales calls. A digital strategy that puts the LBM industry into every sales conversation to influence buyers.

User Branded Product Ads Product Specs Product Locator
Facilitating the Sharing of Building Product Literature to Grow Sales
Facilitating the Sharing of Building Product Literature to Grow Sales
Facilitating the Sharing of Building Product Literature to Grow Sales
Facilitating the Sharing of Building Product Literature to Grow Sales

Building Product Manufacturers
Sharing their best consumer-focused sales literature to influence buyers
Residential Building Contractors
Using brand recognition as a much needed sales tool, to sell more jobs
Local Dealers
Gaining an army of contractors, to eagerly promote products to consumers
inform, educate and entice

“When consumers search contractors, they can now view
great building products and local building dealers.

Consumers are already well-trained to find local contractors via referrals, yellow pages, direct mail, social media, etc.
Now however, the 96% of buyers who always research contractors websites prior to collecting any bids,
will also see great products, to entice their homebuilding and remodeling excitement.

Seeing the Platform in action …

View Dealers Demo Site
Contractors and consumers demand to research your sales literature.

Sales reps using the Product Platform to
Educate at ‘Lunch & Learns’ and ‘Builder Nights’
View Contractors Demo Site
Distributors to mass promote their dealers and products to nation of buyers.

Contractors Carry your Literature 24/7
allowing Consumers to View Anytime, Anywhere

Product Manufacturers need to share their digital sales materials with the guys who sell and install building products. Doing so leverages the advertising budgets and methods of each local supplier and contractor, nationwide. Plus, placing sales literature where buyers already look, allows you to continually educate and entice more buyers, so you can concentrate more on perfecting your messaging, as opposed to teaching guys how to memorize it all.
Product Distributors need to have the digital sales literature of their entire product lines, automatically being displayed and promoted upon the websites, smartphones and iPads of their channel. This allows them and their Suppliers to control how their products are being promoted, and to better articulate and influence purchase decisions at scale, across the nation, using a controlled Platform Environment to protect intellectual properties.
Local Dealers need contractors (of any trade type) and consumers, to automatically have the ability to see and research their product benefits & features, color & sizing options, pdf catalogs, videos, their dealer locations, sales reps and more, with them 24/7 out on jobsites, sales calls and home shows. Contractors who seek the marketing and advertising support from our nations Manufacturers, receive an industry, co-branded Product website add-on.
Residential Contractors gain the industries best ad agencies, marketing teams and communication experts to help grow their business. It’s instant credibility with buyers who now see which contractors are aligned with the over 250+ recognizable product categories they like. This sparks more building and remodeling interest, educates them on product knowledge, and helps in the material selection process. All automatic with no software to learn.

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Every local dealer and contractor can display and promote the sales literature
of the products they’ve been selling and installing for years.

It’s the web content every buyer wants to see.
With better marketing, better web content, and better sales support … the entire channel benefits.

For more info …

Product Manufacturers
Contractors and consumers demand to research your sales literature.

Contractors & Consumers Demand to Research your Sales Literature
Placing your literature right where buyers already expect it to be, and naturally go to start any building project.
Distributors to mass promote their dealers and products to nation of buyers.

Distributors to Mass Promote their Dealers & Products to Nation of Buyers
Using your suppliers digital materials and voice, to better influence your buyers purchase decisions.
Local Dealers
Buyers demand instant product knowledge from local dealers and contractors.

Buyers Demand Instant Product Knowledge from Local Dealers & Contractors
To continually educate contractor and consumer buyers, on who you are and what you sell.
Product manufacturers are helping contractors advertise their business.

Product Manufacturers are Helping Contractors Advertise their Business
Gaining the industries best ad agencies, marketing teams & communication experts to grow your business.

The days of fighting Google algorithms, FaceBook, Twitter, SEO, and AdWords are over.
Especially since we already know who our buyers are, where they look, and where they want us to be.

Buyers want ONE independent point of reference to acquire product knowledge …
it’s with their own local community of trusted professionals …

The Product Platform is a great stand-alone
website, or ‘add-on’ to an existing.

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Better than ever, our industry is working together to capture more sales from its shared buyer.

because people can’t buy products they don’t know to exist, know nothing about, or can’t be properly articulated to them.

Questions – Comments – Ideas
Let’s have a conversation on how to use sales literature
to close on more leads and sign more jobs
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