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The Building Product Platform is a new sales tool that allows product manufacturers to place their digital sales literature as web content, automatically upon the websites of residential roofing contractors.
Simply the best auto-created, auto-maintained, industry-specific, web content available.

Roofing contractors don’t have the time or desire
to maintain a website or create professional web content

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The only Independent Provider of Roofing Contractor Web Content that Serves the Residential Construction Industry

A Sales Tool for Residential Roofers

• Promote and leverage the building products you’ve been installing for years, to close more sales.
• Having the best advertising agencies from around the world helping you advertise your business.
• 250+ product categories displaying sales literature upon your own branded Product Platform Website.
• Can see what products your local suppliers carry, and who their sales reps are.
• Consumer-buyers can finally educate themselves on product benefits & features, freeing your time.
• Can instantly reference sales literature out on jobsites and sales calls using smartphones & iPads, so not having to memorize and answer as many product questions.
• The Building Product Platform can either replace or compliment any existing website.

The Platform is hands-free with no software to learn.
We maintain it all for you.
the industries best web content for roofing contractors

Simply the Best
Roofing Contractor Web Content Available