Residential Contractors

are Helping
Residential Contractors
with their Marketing
& Advertising

Sharing building product literature from the best ad agencies,
marketing teams & communication experts from around the world,

to help you grow _ Building Profit

The Building Product Platform is a new sales tool that allows product manufacturers to place their products’ digital sales literature, automatically upon the Product Websites of residential contractors.
Simply the best auto-created, auto-maintained, industry-specific, web content available.
Never use a regular website again.

It’s the Building Product Literature Buyers Demand to See
Your industry providing residential contractors with the best marketing materials to sell more jobs.

Building product literature from the industries leading product manufacturers, for residential contractors.

Contractor’s build this cost into every estimate,
as it’s their buyers who use the Platform to research materials.

Annual Plan

$468 w/ 12-month pre-pay
Buy Now Option-1

Paid annually
via PayPal
or Business Check.
Monthly Plan

($936 annual)
More Info Option-2

Monthly auto-pay via PayPal.
Both plans, no software to learn, no risk, cancel anytime.

because you asked …

Options to Reduce or Eliminate Costs:

Split Cost Option
Any contractor can promote local businesses (i.e. locksmith, architect, banker, auto dealer, insurance agent, realtor, etc.) on their pages, setting whatever dollar amount they see fit.

Market Distribution Funds or Co-Op Advertising
Check with your local building suppliers to see if there are any advertising funds available from any of their building product manufacturers.

3 Month Free Option
Any contractor can receive 3 months of free service extended to their term, for every residential contractor of any trade-type (after paid 1 full year), onboarded to the Product Platform.

The ability to leverage the products you install
and buyers recognize, makes selling easier.

How Residential Contractors Benefit

27 Ways the Product Platform Works for your Business and your Contractor Marketing

1. You gain the best industry-specific web content available with
250+ individual product categories.

Because nobody can remember all the products are industry offers, and which of your local building suppliers carry them.

2. You gain contractor marketing and product advertising, designed and branded in your company logo & colors.

Because having partners that help you continually market & advertise your services is how successful businesses grow.

3. You gain a digital strategy that’s completely hands-free; everything automatic with no-software to learn.

Because busy contractors shouldn’t have to maintain their web content or website, when their skills are best used elsewhere.

4. We’ll include your own personal web content without you having to hire
an outside developer.

Because buyers want to see and research you, your experience, and your jobs, as much as the products they like.

5. Can use the Product Platform to replace your existing web content, or compliment it with links to move between.

Because lowering any existing hosting costs; or never having to deal with web telemarketers would be nice.

6. You can instantly reference products, specs, explainer videos, pdf documents, color charts, warranties, etc.

Because sometimes you and your buyers need immediate access to product marketing and specifications.

7. Your buyers can research hundreds of building products on YOUR site, where you can set project or dealer Portfolios.

Because you shouldn’t be sending buyers to websites where they’ll see competitors
(i.e. Houzz, Angie’s List, Facebook).

8. No more trying to memorize
benefits & features of your
most favorite industry products.

Because residential contractors shouldn’t be trying to answer all your buyers product marketing questions, alone.

9. You can use your smartphones, iPads or laptops out on jobsites and sales calls for instant referencing.

Because nobody in our industry should be letting questions go unanswered or be wasting time using Google.

How Product Manufacturers Help You

10. You get your industries
biggest companies and brands
helping to advertise your business.

Because the cost of contractor marketing & advertising is too expensive for professional residential contractors.

11. You gain big partners to display building materials on your website.

Because finally getting to showoff the recognizable products you’ve been installing for years, can land more jobs.

12. To have your industries product manufacturers and their marketing departments helping to sell jobs.

Because the best lead generation is one where buyers actually see the products
they want installed.

13. You get big companies
soft-selling your clients with their product marketing and product advertising.

Because it would be impossible for you to hire the best ad agencies, marketing teams and communication experts.

14. They'll communicate product benefits & features, educate and entice,
better than you.

Because you have your own company to run, jobs to schedule, and crews to manage; your time belongs elsewhere.

15. Having shared product knowledge reduces sales pressures and
helps you raise revenues.

Because having everyone in your channel working together to excite buyers into doing more work, helps everyone.

Why Your Clients Love It

16. Seeing the industry standing behind you, instantly gives you more
credibility in your buyers eyes.

Because the media keeps telling our buyers to get three bids, because you can't trust "residential contractors".

17. Buyers can learn about the different products in the comfort of their home, without taking up your time.

Because it’s the products they want you
to install, they just need to know which
products are locally available.

18. Today’s buyers want to be educated
on the products they like, by the
product-makers themselves.

Because your manufacturers know their building products better than anyone,
so let them sell on your behalf.

19. Your buyers finally get to see all the sales literature they want, resulting in bigger and more frequent jobs.

Because carrying around a box of sales literature in your truck, is as high-tech as carrying the Yellow Pages.

20. They can lookup and reference all the product marketing & options per their schedule, without you needing to be there.

Because your job shouldn’t be to sell building products for the Fortune-500's; your job is to sell your own company strengths.

21. So buyers gain the confidence
to make their own decisions, without as many change orders.

Because after they read the product marketing, specs and warranty, manufacturers can influence their choices.

The Benefits of Seeing Local Building Suppliers

22. On every Product Page, you get to see which local building suppliers carries that product (as users are onboarded to the Platform).

Because you may be across town from your normal supplier, saw something in a trade show or magazine that you'd like to buy.

23. On a local Supplier Page, you get to see all their contact information, quick-links for more info, and list of other products.

Because having the names, faces and phone numbers of any suppliers' sales reps at your fingertips, is priceless.

24. Because your buyers would also like to use their social media channels to share product ideas with family and friends.

Because they need to feel comfortable sitting with your sales reps making final product selections.

The Benefits of Seeing Product Manufacturers

25. Sharing a manufacturers bio info, years in business, made in the USA, etc., makes your job of selling, easier.

Because buyers are both very curious and cautious when making large home purchases and improvements.

26. On every Product Page, you'll have a link back to the manufacturers website to gain more product information.

Because sometimes you or your buyers have specific questions that their product marketing didn't address.

27. Displaying a product manufacturers social media channels, is
good for your business too.

Because many contribute to many causes, help out in disasters, donations to Habitat … all of which reflect good on you,
and the industry you're in.

Consumers love seeing which residential contractors are aligned with the products they want installed.

Consumers love seeing
which contractors are aligned
with the products they want installed

Today’s residential contractors no longer have to maintain a website, or write web content.
They now have their own industry experts doing their contractor marketing for them.

_can either replace or compliment your existing contractor website_