Building Product Manufacturers | Residential Construction Industry

Contractor & Consumer
Buyers Demand to
Find and Research
your Sales Literature

We put building product manufacturers literature where buyers already expect to see it when starting any homebuilding or remodeling project

The Building Product Platform is a new sales tool that allows product manufacturers to place their products’ digital sales literature, automatically upon the Product Websites of local dealers and contractors.

Making your digital materials the best industry-specific, web content available.

In a controlled, nationwide Platform environment

We Share your Digital Sales Literature with Those
Who Sell & Install your Building Products …

A Product Platform that puts you and your products into the phones and pockets of contractors.

1. Keeps Contractors & Dealers Continually Aware and Educated on All the Products you Sell

• Product Manufacturers gain an army of contractors out displaying and promoting your products.

• Keeps dealers & contractors continually informed & educated on ALL your products, in real-time. (i.e. your product benefits, features, specs, color options, sizes available, warranties, pdf catalogs, installation guides, credit apps, product and explainer videos, etc.).

• It gets your distributors, dealers and contractors all carrying your sales literature 24/7 in their back-pockets, upon every smartphone, iPad and tablet … with no software to learn.

• It’s the best reference guide for sales reps and tradesmen out on jobsites and sales calls, without having to use Google.

• Everyone’s proud to showoff your literature because it displays on their own Product Platform, branded in their own name.

• It gives your channel the best industry specific web content available, so everyone can sell more.

2. Gives you an Easier Way to Communicate with Contractor & Consumer Buyers, Across the Nation

• You’ll leverage the existing habits of consumers, as 96% of ALL buyers will research a contractors website prior to calling tradesmen … your products need to be there.

• Sharing literature, automatically puts building product manufacturers into every sales conversation between contractors & buyers.

• It gives you a voice to properly educate & influence purchase decisions, without consumers needing an appointment, just to get a snippet of the same information.

• It allows your ad agencies, marketing teams & communication experts to properly and thoroughly speak on your behalf, without interference or bias.

• You get to deliver and control, a consistent marketing message throughout every home in America.

• The Product Platform allows you to cut costs on some of the printed materials you produce and distribute.

• Prevents buyers from shopping the big-boxes, frustrated from not knowing what you sell, and where.

3. Allows you To Leverage the Marketing Budgets, Methods and Reach of Local Dealers & Contractors

• Product Manufacturers will piggy-back on your dealers and contractors, to control more of their marketing costs.

• That means whatever advertising they already do to pull leads into their websites (newspapers, phone books, direct mail, social media, etc.) … their websites will now also display information about you, your products, and your dealer locations.

• Giving buyers your sales literature when they want it, at the exact moment their reaching out to build, is key to educating buyers about your products.

We don’t need another social media channel, Houzz, Angie’s-List or Facebook … where you’re spending money trying to get people to use them.

• Instead, the Product Platform works quietly in the background, placing you and your products right where buyers already go and expect you to be.

• Dealers & contractors can let the Platform replace any existing website, or simply complement it.

It’s the Sales Literature Buyers Demand to See
A Product Platform that leverages the marketing budgets, methods and reach of dealers and contractors, 24/7.

MOBILE MENU: Company information, social media channels, Product Portfolios, Product Ads, specialty items (apps available), etc.

CUSTOM HEADER: Each Distributor, Dealer and Contractor Platform is customized so users will be proud to use it. This too, is a great sales tool and referenge guide at local ‘lunch & learns’. Guys no longer have to memorize product knowledge. Manufacturers can now influence buyers directly, at scale, without interference or bias.

PROTECTIONS: Disclaimers to help protect 3rd party copyrights, trademarks, content, images and other intellectual properties. A manufacturers digital materials never leave our platform, and nobody can post directly to the Platform so to maintain utmost professionalism. Plus, manufacturers can easily keep the entire Network updated in real-time.

BUILDING MANUFACTURER PRODUCT AD: This is the ‘splash’ page that gets people excited to buy. Created by the manufacturers own ad agencies, marketing teams, graphic designers, and communication experts from around the world. This gives Dealers and Contractors the best, industry-specific web content available to sell more jobs.

EXPLAINER VIDEO: The best representation of what a particular manufacturer product is, such that contractors can show it off out on jobsites, sales calls and home shows. Plus, consumers can view anytime, anywhere upon any device simply by going to their local Dealer or Contractor of choice.

ADDITIONAL PRODUCT SPECS: Manufacturer PDF documents that educate contractor and consumer buyers. Including benefits & features, specs, color charts, sizes options, warranties, pdf catalogs, installation instructions, credit apps, product videos, explainer videos, and any other digital material designed to educate buyers.

ABOUT THE MANUFACTURER: For any product ad, this is where any contractor or consumer buyer can ‘click’ to go directly to the Manufacturers own website for more specific information about that particular product. Additionally, the Manufacturers social media channels are displayed so buyers can further research.

SIMILAR PRODUCTS: For Distributors and Dealers, this section display similar products that they sell. For Contractors and contractor clients, this section displays similar products that our residential industry makes available to them. A great way to find product and local Dealer locations on products seen in trade shows or magazines.

Manufacturers Must Remember …

A Product Platform for building product manufacturersThe folks of silicon-valley who make our social media channels and those ever-changing google algorithms, would have us all believing that just by using their products, it would somehow make our clients somehow want to automatically flock to our websites, blogs and apps.

Or too, that our usage of such, would somehow cancel out our buyers habits and curiosities of wanting to know everything about the products and contractors they’re seeking information about.

That Facebook et all, is enough to satisfy your buyers curiosities of who you are, and what your products do. As if our industry is back-logged processing all the Twitter orders.

Or better yet, our buyers will somehow want to spend their days and evenings Googling every product, brand, company and option, instead of relying on their local dealers and contractors they’ve always turned to for construction advice.

We think, a better digital sales strategy is keeping your primary efforts focused farther down funnel, when buyers are actively looking to start projects. Rest assured, 96% of all buyers will always research local contractors websites before inviting them to their home. As a product manufacturer, you and your products need to be there. Every contractor, every trade, every geo location … every time, anytime, automatic.

The Product Platform allows a product manufactures sales literature to inspire excitement, to build and remodel.

When your free from trying to find buyers to pull them into your website, you can concentrate more on perfecting your messaging to convert.
We’re simply the fuel that ignites your existing digital materials.

Our Product Platform simply delivers your sales literature exactly where buyers already look,
and expect it to be when starting any building or remodeling project …
with local contractors all across the nation.

Putting your ‘manufacturer voice’ into every sales conversation,
to educate and influence more buyers.