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Manufacturers share their product sales literature to continually educate contractor and consumer buyers, and to benefit channel revenues.

The Building Product Platform is a new sales tool that allows manufacturers to place
their digital product sales literature, automatically upon the websites
of local dealers & contractors.

As a stand-alone website or a great ‘add-on’ to an existing.
All within a controlled, nationwide Platform environment.

This gives a building product dealer and a nation of contractors usage of the industries best product sales literature to promote themselves better, increase product awareness, and to drive more sales. It’s the digital materials that tells buyers what products are available, where they’re located, and why they should be specified.

The Product Platform is not an e-commerce site, SEO or lead-generator. Instead, its sole purpose is to compile our industries ‘sales literature’ so that every distributor, dealer and contractor may carry the same marketing messages and product materials with them 24/7, to better serve their clients.

It gets the manufacturers marketing teams, graphic designers, and communication experts from around the world helping to sell their own products, to benefit you and your contractors.

Dealers now have all their building product literature displayed and promoted on any contractors website, so they and their consumer end-buyers can see it anytime.
Plus, there’s never software to learn as all customization is done for you. The Platform is branded in the dealers or contractors name to either replace or compliment any existing website.

This digital strategy is the fuel that ignites every marketing method a company uses and the digital materials it produces.
No social media, blog, SEO, or PPC techniques or expenses can compete with the natural habits buyers already have. The Product Platform simply allows you and your contractors to display and promote your sales materials right where buyers already look, and expect them to be.

Top-3 Benefits of providing immediate access to your product specs, benefits & features, color options, sizes available, warranties, pdf catalogs, installation instructions, credit apps, product videos, explainer videos, or anything other digital materials your manufacturers produce that would help buyers understand what your products are, and why they should be specified.

1. It allows any contractor of any trade type in your area, who wants their business to receive the advertising and marketing support from our nations building product manufacturers, to automatically carry info about you, your sales reps and your products, 24/7 in their back-pockets. They can now instantly and proudly access them via their own customized Product website out on jobsites or sales calls.

2. Because 96% of all consumers will research a contractors website prior to calling them for an estimate, and, with you and your products now visible to their buyers, you can continually keep both contractor (of any trade type) and consumers informed and educated, on who you are, what you sell, and the locations you have.

3. You get to piggy-back upon their marketing budgets, methods and reach of contractors. However guys normally advertise their company, via Facebook, a job sign, yellow pages or work truck … end-buyers already have the natural and existing habit of viewing their website. Where now, you and your products will be seen.

Options to Reduce or Eliminate Costs:
Market Distribution Funds or Co-Op Advertising
Check with your manufacturer to see if there are any advertising funds available to you or your contractors.

It’s the Product Sales Literature Buyers Demand to See
Buyers can research you and your products on any contractor platform, gaining more credibility with buyers.

Leveraging the Marketing Budgets, Reach & Methods
of Every Contractor in your Territory

You gain an army of contractor’s out promoting your sales literature to buyers.

Buyers now can research a dealers building products anytime, anywhere, upon any device.

“Allows your communities to view your products
each time they visit their local contractors websites,
anytime they’re looking to build or remodel their homes.”

Facilitating the Sharing of Building Product Literature to Grow Sales

The Best Digital Strategy is One that Easily
Keeps the Communities You Serve, in Touch with You

We compile and promote our industries sales literature into one great pocket reference guide.

Contractors and consumers will never specify or request building products if they know very little about them, or don’t have the means to instantly find out everything about them.
The Platform allows contractors to use your sales literature to advertise their business to consumers, which in turn allows you to continually and automatically stay in touch with their consumer buyers. Plus, this allows you to constantly share your knowledgebase with both of them.
We believe people shop the big-boxes only out of the frustration of not having an online ability to see what dealers carry. They falsely believe bigger is better and that all sales reps are created equal.
The Platform not only displays plenty of information about the building product dealer, but it also displays information about their professional sales reps. When buyers can see who they’d talk to, they gain a level of trust and confidence to stop in and make selections of building materials.
The point of advertising in trade magazines, trade shows, local building associations and 'lunch & learns', is to initiate and reinforce product awareness with buyers.
The Product Platform is a tool that Dealers, Contractors and Consumers use to continually stay in touch with manufacturers, product options and abilities. After all, it’s these benefits & features, color guides, specs, warranties, explainer videos that gives contractors the ammo to effectively sell more jobs.
With most online marketing, if you invest 'x' and your competitor invests $1 more, you get bumped. Perhaps we shouldn’t play all the Google, Facebook, Twitter, SEO, PPC and optimization games.
The Platform continually puts you and your products where people naturally start projects. Instead of you using social or PPC to ‘find’ buyers, the Platform uses contractors to bring buyers to you. Shoppers then use your social channels to share the building materials they like.

The World of Empty, Dusty Websites
with No Product Content to Educate Buyers, is Over

Every contractor needs better marketing, better web content, and better sales support.
In other words, a better way to communicate product benefits & features, to sell more jobs.

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