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We provide you a Product Platform website. Its pages consist of 4 categories:

• PRODUCT PAGES: These are the consumer-focused sales literature that make up a building product. Each page (ad) can display a product sales video, PDF documents (specs, sizing, color options, warranty, product catalog, etc., whatever a manufacturer wants to share about their particular product). These products are divided into ~26 categories and ~256 sub-categories within the residential construction industry. These Product Pages will also include information about any local building supplier who happens to sell that product (as users are onboarded). Plus, information about the manufacturer.
• LOCAL BUILDING SUPPLIER/DEALER DETAILS PAGE: This page is your contact information, website, blog, email address so your buyers can contact you direct, and see what counties and states you service.
• PRODUCT PORTFOLIO PAGES: These pages could be groupings of your favorite products (per job type, customer, or local building suppliers).
• PERSONAL BUSINESS PAGES: These would be any pages that you would want to display about your company (i.e. About Us, Services Offererd, etc.), whereas you can include job or crew photos, text, and videos. These pages should be created by your marketing/graphic designer and given to us via a Photoshop (.psd) file. Each page may incur a $200 conversion fee (slice) to convert file to html/css.

You retain ownership of your content. All content must be relevant to our residential construction industry. Nobody can post directly to the Platform. This means we control content to ensure the safeguards that nobody can post any unprofessional or ill-words. Plus, no Dealer can advertise ‘installation’ as it would be considered competing advertising against Contractors. Contact us for more info.

Residential Contractors will display all product categories in our industry regardless of the trade type they are.
This is done for a few different reasons:

• Because the cost to produce and maintain the Platform is primarily financed by Building Product Manufacturers on your behalf, so all their building products must be displayed to everyone.
• As most contracting companies (i.e. home builders, remodelers, general contractors, and specialty trades) provide multiple services to their clients, they and their customers expect to see building products from many different categories so to appear more credible and aligned with the industry. They further need the pocket resource to know how other trade products interact and install around them.
• While displaying siding and roofing materials on a plumbers or electricians Platform may not seem relevant, these plumbers and electricians share with you the same consumer buyer. These buyers may be looking to install a new roof in the spring, paint the house, build an addition or start shopping for a custom home builder. Never under-estimate the power of continual product marketing to consumer buyers.

WHAT WE NEED FROM YOU – the Residential Contractor
You’ll need to provide us a completed Excel spreadsheet where we can obtain the following information (don’t worry, we could take this info over the phone if necessary):

Company ID: General information, name, address, marketing contact person, web/blog URL address, social media channels, etc.
Product ID: Optional list of your primary building products used.
Digital Materials: Your company logo, tagline & colors. Content of any personal pages.
Contractor ID: Contact information of your local residential contractors in the communities/counties your work.

• Your Product Ads & Platform display 24/7/365.
• Displays on all computer devices, laptop, tablet, smart phone enabled.
• Mobile friendly & responsive.
• Content auto updates Product Ads, Suppliers, Dealers and Residential Contractors; as onboarded.
• Works either as an ‘add-on’ or stand-alone website.
• Email & phone support.

• Company colors & logo.
• Phone & click-to-call.
• Links back/forth to any existing website.

• 25 product categories.
• 250+ product sub categories.
• An ‘About the Manufacturer’ BIO section after each displayed ad.
• A URL link back to manufacturers website, for more information on that particular product.
• The manufacturers social media channels are displayed on product pages.

• Unlimited company pages (potential $200/page html/css conversion fee).
• SEO optimized.
• Keyword analyzed.

• Litespeed U.S. Based Web Servers
• Solid State Drives
• Fast Page Loading Utilizing Php 7+
• Image File Compression
• Security Enabled
• SSL Certificates
• Page & Browser Cache

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